Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Secure-A-Kid safety Harness

Guys the struggle is real when you have a kid that falls on what is seen as the shorter side of their normal age range, smaller size clothing is a huge issue but even more so I have realized that this can cause a very big problem for car seat safety.

I am sure I am not the only one with this problem, Jesse has reached the stage of needing the larger car seat but because of his small stature the seat belt is a huge problem, it cuts across his neck and makes him terribly uncomfortable even when we adjust it; it irritates him and he pulls at it constantly and when we do adjust it I know that it is not as safely secured as it should be which equals #momanxiety when traveling.

I have searched and searched for something to make him more comfortable that will also keep him safe but I came up empty handed every time.

So I was over the moon when I received this product to test out, the Secure A Kid Safety Harness from 4-A-Kid.

Retailing at R159.00 it really is worth every cent for the piece of mind and comfort it brings.

The Secure A Kid safety harness black is a seat belt adjuster as well as comfort harness for toddlers and children. Thereby allowing the seat belt cover to re-position the shoulder belt for a more comfortable fit while traveling and keeps the belt away from the neck and also face.

* The Product is suitable from 4 years up, once the child has outgrown the baby seat.

* Ideal for daily use.

*Fully portable and easy to install (It was seriously easy to install).

* The Product is crash tested overseas and has passed according to International and European ECE   R444 standards. 

* The Product is simple and the quality is great!

We have been using the harness for a week now and I seriously have one very happy little monkey, no more crying, no more fussing and complete piece of mind for the momma. 

If you are interested in grabbing one of these for your own kiddo 4-A-Kid has a Facebook page you can contact, their products are sold via distribution agents so pop on over and find one near you.

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