Friday, 9 February 2018

My first palm reading experience

* Disclaimer, this is not a religious or religiously linked post and no negative comments will be tolerated if you want to give this one a skip you are more than welcome to catch the next post =)

I have always been fascinated with palm reading, I have had my cards read, bones (animals who were already passed on, chicken and such) and runes but I have never had my palms read simply because I have never found someone I am comfortable with, it is a very exact 'science' and there is so much to know that it is very difficult to find someone who knows what they are doing let alone someone you are comfortable sharing your life with.

This past weekend we attend a Pagan gathering and one of the things that was incorporated was that everyone was encouraged to bring along their cards or anything they had a talent for and to do readings as an energy exchange.

Anyhoo so a friend of mine asked if anyone was up for a palm reading and my hand shot up like a light.

The whole experience was amazing and I found out and affirmed so many things in my life and with regards to my choices, health etc.  Again if this is not your thing no problem but considering I had a woman I had never even met before pick up a piece of my grans jewelry and tell me everything from how she died to what she looked like etc (even my atheist mother was speechless) these methods when used correctly and by the right people can be a wonderful tool in discovery of ones self.

So the first thing she mentioned when looking at my hands was that I do lots of laundry and clean a lot, that I don't take care of my hands or myself... hangs head in shame, I'm trying and will continue to try but when you are mom to 3 little mud monkeys eh not so easy.

Health wise she mentioned my lower back and thigh area issues as well as my feminine health issues and tummy issues, now I know I said we are friends but we are the friends that see each other once in a blue moon so she doesn't know about my health issues, she brought up my food sensitivities and affirmed what I already knew but which I have been in great denial about, that I have sulfide sensitivities... eish guys wine, garlic, onions I died a little inside even though I know very well the amount of pain and bloating I go through after consuming these things, I really appreciated that she recognized my back issues as well because quite honestly hubby was next to me and I'm quite sure he thinks I am talking pure tosh sometimes when I say my back is sore or that I am really struggling.

She also brought up something that is quite a sensitive issue for me, she noted that I am not a patient healer and that when the kids or my direct family members are ill I have little patience and empathy,  which I will admit is true guys, I grew up with a mother who had no time for illness, one who boasts a record of no absences from work over periods of years, I am not even joking so I am not surprised this boiled over into the way I myself approach illness, especially when its man flu guys but I am sure I am not the only one in that department.

She noted that I am frugal, that money is not something I need to be happy and that I am very artistic but that I am not using that side enough, which I am very well aware of, she also noted that I am to busy that I am always on the go, that I always have something to do and never allow myself to just sit down and smell the roses and take in the words of my ancestors who are there to offer me advice if I will listen, again something I know I have an issue with but for some reason hearing it from others brings it closer to home if you get what I am saying.

she also noted something that brought me crashing guys she pointed out two lines one cut short and one directly under and extended and noted that at one point in my life I was truly done and ready to end it all but that something or someone stopped me and changed that fate, I am not going to lie and say I haven't felt like ending this life on more than one occasion in my life but there was only one time when I feel I truly as in in my soul meant it, my hubby although he doesn't know it is the reason I didn't, I wont go into details but I am eternally grateful for that.
She also noted that I find humor where others don't which she picked up in my hubby's palm as well and funny enough according to his palm he is the spender and the patient healer, he is also incredibly artistic and refuses to make use of his talent which I am well aware of and it is something that I really feel he should allow himself to access more.

The last thing, although she brought up many other good points is she picked up that I am snappy ie I hold it all in and then snap, she told me I need to find that place of calm with the kids and others and to work through it instead of snapping, which of late is something that has been weighing very heavy on my heart guys, I know that snapping at my kids and hubby is not the wife or mother I want to be and believe you me I try, I try to stay calm and most of the time I do, and there are many things I do in order to avoid snapping ie writing, exercise, natural supplements but I am starting to feel like this may not be enough.

There has been a lot going on at home lately and I can feel myself dragging down and shutting down, and even though I put on a smile and push though my heart is incredibly sore and I am not sure how to pick it up right now, between the drought, my kids issues with their dad of late and other things I am struggling and I am not ok right now... I know I will be I just need to find that something that will bring me through and of late I am seriously considering seeing a doctor and going back onto meds.

Going back to this experience so I am really glad that I did it and that it was done by someone I hold in high regard and trust, if anyone is at all spiritually inclined in this way I highly recomend going for a reading, it really is incredibly what someone with the insight into the spiritual can read from the lines on you body or the jewelry you wear, perhaps I will speak about my other reading experiences some time but for now I just wanted to share what I felt was a much needed and wonderful experience.

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