Monday, 8 January 2018

#working mom

I returned to work this morning after 3 weeks of leave and I have to say I was really happy to be back… shock and horror right.

How many moms would give their right arm to be at home full time with their kiddos…

Now please don’t get me wrong I love my kids and I love spending time with them and often I have thought about a half day position so that would be able to do homework with my kids in the afternoons etc but at the end of the day I need to work, not only for our finances sake but for my sanity sake.

You see as much as one can ‘bitch’ and moan about being tired and ones work place and as much as it is not the path I envisioned for my life, I really like my job and the people I work with and the work days offers not only a break from the endless cycle of cooking cleaning and alike but it offers something every mother needs human… well actually more than human, adult conversations that don’t only encompass parenting, I am not exactly the most social person so I think that if I were a stay at home mom not only would I go stark raving mad and be the opposite of the loving mother figure I hope to be but I would probably have very little human interaction and that in itself is not a good thing.

So whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed my leave and being with my kids I am very happy to be back at work and back into routine, it just feels so much better and I know that when our routine returns completely after the kids are all back at school I know our entire family will feel better as a whole, routine is so incredibly important to me and helps so much in the running of my home and my children’s wellbeing, even more so because Loghan and Gabriel need a firm routine to help keep them from having a meltdown.

I think we as mothers are put under a lot of pressure, we need to work to support our families but then we are terrible mothers for not staying at home, if you stay at home you are lazy and don’t contribute to society and if you work you clearly don’t care enough about your family to make sacrifices and stay at home to dedicate your every waking moment to the minions you have brought forth into the world.

It is absolute garbage, I am not a bad mom for wanting to work and nor is anyone a bad mom for wanting to stay home with her kids, different strokes for different folks, as long as it works for your family nobody has the right to make you feel bad about your decision.

So I will enjoy my first day back knowing that I am going to be bulldozed upon entering my front door this evening by 3 crazy monkeys and a very sick hubby who is probably going off the edge of his sanity as we speak, I will hug them and love them and we will curl up on the couch after dinner and I will thank the gods for the time that I have with them and that I have a job and a roof over my head.


  1. I've been happy in both full time and being at home positions. As a work at home mom now, what I can tell you is that I kind of do miss my girlfriends at the office and seeing them everyday, on the flip side I like having such a lot of quiet time to work while the kids are at school until 13:00. Also, as a WAHM I'm now juggling kids, full day work AND house chores so I definitely do see the appeal you are talking about of being out at your work place!

    1. oh yes and I definitely see the upside to staying at home, when I am on leave or home with my kids I love that I can put more time into making them healthy homecooked meals, we can cuddle all day and watch movies if we want or go on any sort of adventure we can envision and there are so many small things you get to see that you don't as a working mom =)