Friday, 19 January 2018

Counting down to Day Zero….

I know that I don’t only have a South African following so for those of my readers who are overseas or for some reason are just blissfully unaware of the crises we are facing in Cape Town I will explain. 

Our local government was warned many a moon ago that Cape Town was facing a huge problem, our gorgeous city is not only the largest tourist attraction locally but we are also increasing in numbers at a fierce pace, they warned that in a few short years we would run out of water and you know what our government did, they scoffed and laughed and did absolutely nothing.

A short while ago Trump said that Africa and South Africa were in his terms a shithole, to that I answer that our country is beautiful full of many wonderful cultures and people, our people have so much to offer and so much love to give, we cannot help that our government is corrupt and useless, I know I didn’t vote for them unfortunately the people who refuse to open their eyes the corruption and abuse of power continue to vote over and over again leaving us in a vicious cycle and people that form part of certain close minded racist parties continue to bring our country down through acts of violent protest such as what happened with the H&M debacle.

So moving back to water here we sit a few years down the line and we are running out of water… fast, they have estimated that April 21st our dams will run completely dry, the taps will be switched off and the people of Cape Town will have to travel every day to water collection points to collect their daily ration of 25l of water a day… oh and they will have to pay for it to.

Let us look at this logically, everyone in Cape Town will have to travel to a handful of collection points which traffic wise will be a nightmare and may take hours (it already takes me almost an hour to get to work and without work traffic I can get her in 10 minutes), you will then need to stand in line for hours… every day, people will not be able to work, businesses will not be able to run, schools will be shut down, what about the sick and the elderly what about the children or the people who just cannot afford to pay an incredible mark up on water… yes we pay for our water already but as of Feb 1st even if you are saving the hell out of your water and keeping within the new amount of 6kl per household you will still pay double for your water…

Capetonians have been doing what they can and yet we are still in my opinion being punished, I know in our household we buy all of our drinking water and catch all of our dish water and shower water in order to flush toilets and feed the 3 pot plants we have, we are literally using 3l of water between us to wash and washing hair as long as mine in that much water is a logistical nightmare but we are doing it, tom I will even say goodbye to machine washing as I cannot reuse the water from my washing machine ie I am now going to hand wash all of our clothing, I am happy to do all of this to save water it just pains me that we are being put into this position because of poor management and that the people who are saving are being punished- punish those who are not trying inflict levies and higher tariffs on them not those who are doing everything that they can to help and save.

I’m scared, I’m really scared out of all the things our country has faced and gone through this scares the hell out of me… they say the next war will be over water and I can believe it.

My plea is that everyone reading this that lives in Cape Town do whatever you can, we can get through this if we ALL do our bit and work together, to those who are local but still outside of Cape town please if you visit bring water or send water if you can to friends family members whoever you can and to those overseas, I am Pagan but I believe in hope faith and prayer that is the basis of magic the transference of energy through good intent, a hope a wish or a whispered prayer, whatever your believe system think of us and send good thoughts/ prayers anything you can, we need them.

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