Thursday, 9 November 2017

I couldn't breathe

Im sure all moms have had a moment where their child has either ran off from them or dissapeared for split second leaving you with a moment of anxiety that almost leads to heart failure, out of my 3 Gabriel is the one who has left me with the majority of these moments, he is incredible absent minded and forever in his own world he loves to dawdle and play hid and seek... not good in public spaces child not good at all.

Anyhoo I woke up this morning as per usual with the alarm sounding from across the room, I jumped out of bed and pounced on my hubby to wish him a happy birthday and then I made my way as I usually do into the kids rooms, I roused Loghan and then headed off to room number two... only Gabriel wasnt in his bed...

Panic immediately set in as I began calling his name and frantically running between rooms what where how, this cant be happening.

My hubby called out from the room to check his favourite place in the house ie the family computer so I raced downstairs and lo and behold there he was playing games without a care in the world and he could not understand for the life of him why I was making such a fuss, come on mom I got up when I heard the alarm you just didnt see me... or hear me go dowstairs.

My heart literally froze in those moments before I found him and I'm still freaked out that I didn't see or hear him go downstairs, I am an incredibly light sleeper and believe me I hear everything at night so how did I miss him!

Has anyone else had a heart stopping moment... or maybe three with your child?

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