Thursday, 10 August 2017

Double Digits

So we made it we have officially hit the double digits, Loghan turned 10 at the end of July.

This year was an incredibly emotional one for me I really struggled to come to terms with my baby boy my once tiny preemie turning 10 years old... a pre- teen, I mean where does the time go, it feels like just yesterday he came into my life and made me the proudest mom ever and now.... I just couldnt be more proud with how far he has come!

A year ago he was an angry, anxious filled child who hated school and had no friends, this past year he has blossomed and excelled through everything that he has faced he has always pushed forward and I am so incredibly proud to be able to call him mine! 

This years birthday was filled with Pokemonm of course, he took a few friends to the arcade and spur for lunch, the arcade was insane I dont know how kids can take the noise and stuffiness but they had a ball and later on in the day we had family join us for a braai, Loghan said it was the best day ever and I went to bed with a heart that was full.

Loghan my baby you are  incredible never doubt yourself always know that you have our love and support in whatever you strive to achieve and accomplish!

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