Thursday, 10 August 2017

5 years of marriage

Hubby and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past week, I say past week because we had our formal ceremony for our close family and a few friends on August 4th and then on August 9th we had our handfasting ie Pagan ceremony which was attended by our Pagan family and friends, so generally although we acknowledge the 4th as our anniversary date, the 9th is a public Holiday (you see what we did there) so we usually end up doing something then because it is much easier and the time available to us is not as limited. (a muck up with our papers means the 4th isn't even our date but that's a story for another day)

I woke up on the 4th feeling a bit sad actually, hubby got up and our regular morning routine commenced and for some stupid reason even though I don't usually care one way or another about personal birthdays etc this time I wanted hubby to acknowledge our date... and he didn't until I made a sarcastic remark that almost left me tears, why I was so incredibly emotional about something that most days would not bother me I have no idea.

My own father forgets every year and every year either my brother or myself has to phone him up and remind him so that me poor mother will actually get an acknowledgment for the how many years of marriage they have had together.

In any case so I went to work feeling a bit down in the dumps until around 10 am when a delivery guy walked in with a package... for me, well that was me gone I called hubby and cried like a baby for 10 minutes, which he thought was highly amusing, his gift to me was the most stunning leather bound jewlery box which looks like an antique book and contained chocolate.. I mean come on now he just knows me so well I was so happy and yet felt so guilty for feeling so angry with him a few hours before.

So I decided that my gift to him would be a sushi trip, it has been so long since we had any alone time or the opportunity to eat out alone together and we both love sushi so I gave my mom the ol please look after the beings I have willingly spawned so that I can have 1 hour alone with my husband who is partly to blame for their creation call, my moms response uhm your a parent now my dear you don't get that luxury.

Now my mom is old fashioned according to her, my father and her never went out no one ever baby sat because we were their children and home with us was where their responsibilities lay, I have tried to explain that that is a very outdated way and that people today have learned the importance of self care and taking care of or valuing your time as a couple but nope sorry girl.

Now look I don't hold it against my mom I understand she had her turn but I really wish that I wasn't made to feel like I am shirking my responsibilities as a parent by asking for an hours time literally once a year, not even joking.

Anyhoo I decided that I wasn't going to let that stop me and so I ordered sushi in and we had dinner at home while the kids opted for pizza, not what we originally planned but it was great all the same and the kids were really happy that they got a treat at the same time since we don't do takeaways at all.

I still cant believe it has been 5 years of marriage, nearly 8 years of being together and nearly 15 of knowing each other, that's half my life guys, I have known my hubby for half my life and I cannot believe how lucky I am, today I can honestly say I fall in love with him all over again everyday, everyday is filled with love and laughter and intelligent conversation and banter, yes we argue yeas he irritates me like no-ones business some days and I him but there is no one else I would want to spend my life with than him and I hope that the universe will grant us many more happy years together.

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