Monday, 13 February 2017

You’re killing me YOUtube…

For anyone who has a special needs child, you probably know the process of fixation that many special needs children go through, ie they will fixate or become obsessed with a particular subject or item for what may be a brief or extended period of time, but the fixation can range from something that is harmless and you can live with albeit being told the same thing over and over again or listening to the same song for the umpteenth time in one morning, for instance Loghan  is particularly obsessed with the Korn version of Brick in the wall, we literally listen to it on repeat in the car and although it drives me somewhat batty some mornings it is harmless and I can live with it as I can live with Gabriel’s current obsession over the Goodness Gang Plushies available from Food Lovers Market. 

However; cue Loghan’s current obsession and I mean obsession… bordering on addiction to Youtube.

Now I am very lenient with the amount of tv my kids watch, I do not have a restricted amount of time, in the week they usually get about 45 minutes worth of tv in the evenings depending on what time we get home sometimes it is less, rarely more and weekends I really don’t mind how much they watch as they are generally in and out the whole day so they don’t watch the whole weekend or veg around on the couch.

However Loghan has become completely obsessed and day and night his tablet is tuned into minecraft videos, or plants vs zombie videos or surprise eggs, in the beginning it just drove us loopy and it got to the point where I restricted it to one turn each during the week and then free for all on weekends, but then he started watching on his tablet and it became a first thing in the morning last thing at night issue and I literally cannot stand it anymore, if I take it away he flips out and has a complete meltdown and this is not healthy in the least, so this morning we told him no more YOUtube in the week other than the once a week turn and that is it finished Klaar, well I got told that I am rude and the worst mom ever… well then so be it… end of story.

Its crazy guys… does anyone else have a YOUtube obsessed kid, I mean I know it can be addictive it is like a literal worm hole, you start watching something about cats and 4 hours later you have gone from cats to dinos and everything in-between without even realising it… it’s madness.

So I feel terrible, I know it is a time out zone for him and he finds it relaxing, but I just cannot anymore and it’s not healthy in the least.

For now I guess I will just have to be the rude and oh so terrible mom.


  1. Oh gosh - that's a difficult one. At least L is cricket obsessed - a bit healthier as it's playing most of the time and not just watching

    1. Loghan is generally a very active child, in the past we have tried to encourage every team sport possible but he just doesn't take to any of them he prefers, chess, drama and music which are all great in them-self as well as swimming which was a big catch when he changed to the tutor center which has a pool so they do swim almost every day if not every day, I think we just have to find a common ground somewhere somehow it just isn't healthy and I don't want him to get to the point where he will exclude an activity over his youtube videos =(