Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I saw you today

This morning I did something I don't often do especially on my own, I took my kids to play at spur.

Now for many parents taking your child to a crowded play area is common place but for me it isn't.

Because of loghans disorder taking him to a play area can be a nightmare as he becomes over excited and over bearing and too much for many kids as his social skills and abilities are just not the norm. 

So often a trip out involves me policing my own child standing over him or marching up and down every few minutes it sucks quite frankly.

However today the kids were tired of being cooped up and so was I so off we went to the mall, I sat down and ordered a coffee and the boys went off to play, I couldn't see into the play area but 5 minutes in a child came out crying.

I ran for the play area and sure enough Loghan had gotten excited and the little boy ended up hurt so I gave him a star. Lecture and a warning that we would leave and went back to the table.

A minute later Loghan walked up to the child and mom and apologized I cannot explain what a big thing that is it seems like general manners but a lack of empathy is one of loghans issues.

Yet he apologized to the child and his mom and quietly walked back to the play area, I watched him from there and it wasn't the last time I had to go in there but o saw him offer his chair to a younger child I saw helping another and it made my heart sing because that is my child, that is the child I know exists in my heart.

I know the steps are small but the progress is amazing and I hope one day my Loghan knows that he may not think I see the small things but I do and it is a wonderful thing!


  1. My boy's name is Logan too. I may be bias, but I am a firm believer in all Logan's being incredibly special people.

    Progress is progress. Very proud of your Loghan. xx

    1. they are incredibly special, IK will admit when I named him I didnt think it would be a very common name but it is and I actually love that it is because it is such a lovely name and every Logan I have ever met has suited their name so well and been such a wonderful little spirit.

      I am incredibly proud of him!

  2. I dig the way you spell loghan. Yeah you're right it is a big thing for him to have apologized. dont see that too often in kids especially without someone ordering them to do it lol.

    1. Thank you his father and many others were against it but I was very insistant even stood over his father as he filled out the birth forms my cousins name was mispelled by her father lol.

      I think appologising with kids can be a double edged sword because often and especially when forced they will say it for the sake of saying it and not actually mean it or it is without any actual empathy for the other party so whilst I do believe we need to teach an encourage it, they do need to do it out of their own accord as well.

      The lack of empathy in Loghans case is a big issue though and it can be so difficult because the other parents look at you like you have raised your child to be unkind or horrible when it is so far from the truth and I know how he love he shares when he is close to a person, so it may seem like common place for some but it really was a big thing for him to do and I am proud of him for it, it gives me hope that we will overcome the difficulties and he will learn to live within the norms of society whilst still being himself if you get what I am saying =)