Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Finished, Klaar, DONE

I love my kids seriously I do but sometimes than be real royal selfish buggers...

Case in point I am currently on holiday and this week I am not only looking after then but their baby brother as well because the boys step mom has to work which is fine no problem but as soon as I have him down for a nap what happens, the kids will shriek or hit each other, Jesse will climb on me or get jelous.

Another case in point, this morning they threw a foam dart over the wall and dear old mum here had to go all the way around the block to fetch it... no sooner was I back than a block went over and on my way back I was stopped by my neighbour who didn't want to complain but could I please keep the kiddos inside a bit later in the mornings.

Now she has every right to complain I do not blame her one bit and she is a lovely neighbour, usually I do not allow the kids out before 9 anyways, but it being holidays and them being bored the door has been opened a lot earlier lately, so again mini little.... ahems

This morning I just thought aloud you know it's my holiday to and all I have done, is clean, cook, clean again, scream and shout, stop fights... I'm tired guys and in need of a holiday after this holiday... and another thing why do kids feel the need to misbehave when other people are around, this morning they were being a bit crazy so I put their brother down to sleep and told them to come in to watch a movie, silence and cuddling for 2 hours, 2 whole frikken hours, their step mom comes to fetch their brother and boom monkeys actually not monkeys little wild animals....

I'm done today I really am... thankfully their step mom offered to take them for an ice cream so I have cleaned up (for the upteenth time) and will now sit down to my first warm cup of coffee since these holidays started... Ek is nou moeg

When we started this hioliday I had a list of arts and crafts we were going to play, go to the beach ride bikes NOPE crafts are done, beaches are to full for me to go to with 4 kids and I am broke whaha...

Done,  Bring on the WINE

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