Tuesday, 1 November 2016

I am a woman hear me roar… meow

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a colleague/ friend, she asked me how it was going with my wisdom teeth and pain and I was telling her that even though I was in pain to a breaking point last week I didn’t actually even realise how much pain I was in until the first dose of painkillers and anti-inflammatory I was given wore off… wait what? 

I am not even joking I knew I was in pain, I knew it was a bad situation but I realised that I had just been living with it for so long that I had actually become accustomed to the pain, I had become accustomed to not being able to hear properly… as in being partially deaf for a year ladies a FRIKKEN year, to constant headaches and sometimes migraines, to constant jaw and facial pain… like what the hell guys, if my hubby did this I would smack him and I certainly wouldn’t allow my kids to live like this for more than the amount of time it takes me to get in with a doctor and find a way to get funds together.

So after I told her this we discussed how as woman and mothers in particular we tend to do this we put aside our own health issues and pain because well supper needs to be made, kids projects need to be done, our homes need to be cleaned and so it goes on.

To our own detriment we are strong, we put up the front of being fine, we push forward and carry a smile even if it is through gritted teeth until we cannot take it anymore and we end up either flying off the handle or crumbling into a heap on the floor like I did because we just cannot any more.

I have seen so many woman lately, friends, colleagues and family members push through so much- being retrenched sometimes for the 2nd or 3rd time, becoming the breadwinner of their household which sometimes includes extended family members as well, having to uplift their lives, move and give up so much due to divorce and so SO much more, such amazing woman with such amazing strength, I see them push forward every day with a strength that I so admire, a strength that should be admired….

However when is enough… well enough, when do we turn around and say we cannot do this on our own anymore why do we always wait for things to pile up and either implode or explode…

So ladies I am urging you right now, no matter what you are going through no matter how alone you may feel please know that you are not alone and this is not the case and that there is nothing wrong or weak in asking for helping or expressing the need for help and support to a partner, friend or family member, there is no shame in it even though I think we as woman seem to ingrain it into ourselves that there is.

We are woman, we are strong we have the heart of a lioness but the strength of a pride, sometimes our roar is loud on the outside but on the inside it is a kittens cry.  A pride relies on the strength of their numbers they all work together they all support each other, learn to reach out to your pride ladies!


  1. Best of luck! I hope you are better soon.

  2. thanks hun finished my anti biotics yesterday so for the most part feeling much better and op is in 9 days so feeling very hopeful Im sure my hubby will get a good laugh out of me looking like a bullfrog afterwards =)