Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Helloooooooooooo out there

Ok guys I was gone for a while but with good reason, the week leading up to having my wisdom's removed was a bad one, the boys lost their great granny and things were just a bit crazy with trying to organise everything for having my procedure done.

You see you can have medical aid and gap cover and still you have to make co payments still you have to pay and claim back its actually frikken ridiculous but I couldn't put it off anymore and we just had to make it work, so everything seemed ready to go.

And then my son chipped his front tooth again, as in the one we have had filled in twice already this year! Smart monkey tried to drink from a tap which no matter how much I explained to him is just plain nasty he still tried and it broke, so I resigned myself to going into the dentist asap the next morning, but then because nothing happens in a singular form, I woke up the next day to a flat tyre, now my original tyre got a nail in it a few weeks back and I had to change it out with the spare, I knew the spare wasn't great but we thought it would hold until month end if I just made sure to pump it up every day... unfortunately it didn't make it and now I had to fill the punctured tyre with air and hope to the gods I made it to the tyre shop, this of course presented a problem in that I didn't have the money for a new tyre!

However I am thankful for small mercies because the tyre place was able to plug the puncture and we were good to go for R50!!! I was almost in tears you guys I was so relived, then off we raced to the dentist to have my sons tooth done which thankfully we were able to get him in and it went off relatively smoothly, the noises etc made Loghan very nervous but I think overall he did great and the dentist did a fantastic job so we walked out with that relief.

Thursday I had my wisdom's removed, I was supposed to go in at 10 but ended up going in at 3, when I came round the only thing I could say was that I could hear properly I was in tears it was just so amazing, when we got back from theatre I wolfed down the jelly and ice cream I was ready to go home, unfortunately we had to wait for the doc so in the end my hubby had to leave and I had to wait for a lift from my mom, the first thing I did was get a rooibos tea downstairs I couldn't wait to get home as the pain had started to set in and half my mouth was still numb which was incredibly annoying as I kept biting my lip.

The first night went quite well the headaches were worse than the jaw pain but we made it through just fine, and then because everything happens in three's, we woke up on Friday and my car battery was dead.... the kids had to get to school I was supposed to see the doctor at 8, thankfully we recieved help from a neighbour and were able to jump the car, we were able to have my battery replaced thanks to a very unexpected financial gift! 

The boys made it to school all with the exception of Loghan who we kept home, his granny's service was in the afternoon and he was not allowed to attend per his father so he wanted to do something at home, there was also a sport event happening at school which involved collecting the kids at 12 and then dropping them again at 3 and either staying or collecting them at 7 again which was just ridiculous I'm sorry, I made arrangements for Gabriel to go home with a friend but with Loghan it is not so simple so we just kept him home.

We did our own little ceremony for his granny and basically spent the day watching Harry Potter on the couch.

The rest of the weekend was marked by a terrible tummy bug that hit both Jesse and my hubby so our washing machine wroked overtime and we got no sleep at all, Loghan and Gabriel did get to attend a horse riding event for a few hours on Saturday though which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Otherwise I am back at work, half my bottom lip is still numb which I was told could happen but am very much hoping it will pass asap because it actually worse than the pain, but the doctor told me it should pass soon so fingers crossed, otherwise everything is slowly going back to normal and things should be back on track soon.

The term is half way over, Gabriel turns 7 next month which is just terrifying to me and I have no idea if we will be able to do something or when, this time of year is just insane!

Sorry for the ramble but as I said it has been crazy, I hope everyone is doing well and not feeling the strain and stress of this time of year!

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  1. Oh it is a totally insane time of the year! Sorry for your loss and glad the tooth thing is sorted at least