Monday, 28 November 2016

Confessions of a bad mom

I have no idea why I have put off seeing the movie Bad moms for so long but I did get round to watching it this weekend along with Bridget Jones Diary and how to be single and oh my word guys, movie of the year for me seriously what an aha movie it resonated with me to the core.

As a mom I know I am not the only one who has frequent moments whereby you feel like you are failing and doing everything wrong, where you wonder if walking the journey of parenthood was placed correctly in your hands by whomever god or gods you follow.

Days when you pray for a quiet breakfast or in my case for breakfast at all, days when you just want 5 minutes of peace and then when you get it you miss the hell out of your kids and feel guilty for wishing for it in the first place and feel like a bad mom.

There is so much pressure placed on moms and kids these days, life is constant and you are left with so little down time and time to truly appreciate each other.

You run through your day trying to get everything done and you arrive home stressed out to stressed out kids, who are expected to complete so much work that they no longer have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood in the way we did, constant projects constant tests, kids on anxiety meds before they can write their name.

You have to compete with the moms who seem to have it all, the moms who manage to run between meetings, work and a long list of social activities, moms who make having 3 or more kids look like a walk in the park, moms who always manage to look like they have walked out of a solon, there are many days when I have run into the school just as the school bell has run, coffee on my shirt, my kids looking disheveled, I deplore any sort of school meeting and will avoid it if at all possible and I don’t believe in forcing my kids into sports or social activities…. I sound like a terrible mom, I lose my patience I shout and on occasion have sworn or thrown a shoe,  there have even been a time or two when I have taken 2 baths in one day just to get 15 minutes of peace….

But if there is one thing I know it’s this… I adore my children, they are my world and I will do anything for them, I will sit for an hour with my eldest trying to complete what should essentially be a 10 minute activity, I will sit on the internet googling earthquakes and whatever else I need to ensure my son produces the best oral he possibly can, I will drive to 3 different schools every day to ensure my kids are happy and feel comfortable in their environment and school, I will give my last 10 for a civvies day and go without supper any day to give my kids seconds, I will sit through hours of youtube replays and will sit on pinterest for hours trying to plan the perfect birthday party or teachers gift and I will rock my youngest to sleep every night to have that extra cuddle time and give him the security and love he wants after a day of school and work.

I may be a bad mom in so many ways but in my heart I am know that my kids think I am the bomb and that is really all that matters, it’s worth every moment for my kids, they grow so fast and before I know it they will be grown, and when they get there I want them to know that I gave it my all even if sometimes I stumbled and failed I did my best and I think that as moms we need to step back and realise as long as we are giving it everything we can, we are doing great and sometimes being a bad mom makes you a great one.

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  1. hhahaha my mom totally loved that movie and i found it quite funny except for the end with what their enemy confesses but still it was a good twist to the cliche. haha my mom even wanted to start being a bad mom.