Friday, 2 September 2016

baby steps and ignorant people...

I saw a post this morning on a local moms page where a mother was basically refering to adhd not being a real disorder and that people are drugging their kids and quite frankly Ive reached beyond the point of anger when it comes to these ignorant posts.

Believe it or not the majority of people do not want to put their kids on these medications and do anything and everything they can to avoid them but in some cases they are needed to help balance out an issue within the brain of the child, it has nothing to do with whether the child has an above average intellectual ability many adhd children do but not all it has to do with giving your child the ability to function within society and actually get through their day and make friends and be happy instead of bullied depressed and unable to get through their work.

Loghan has been on his new medication schedule for almost a week now and yesterday I received a message from his father I called him and we discovered that Loghans class was due to go on an outing yesterday but because he was suspended for the fight last week we were not aware and therefore did not receive the permission slip for him to attend, we received a note from his teacher explaining how proud she was because Loghan had accepted that he couldn't go, usually this would have resulted in an absolute meltdown but it didn't he understood that he couldn't go and he had an awesome day, his medication has a hell of a lot to do with this improvement and I will not apologize for him having to be on it, at home he can go on like a monkey and have melt downs etc it is hard but that is fine at school however he and everyone else around him is much happier and can actually function better with his meds, he can actually focus he isn't all over the place and disturbing the other kids aside from himself, he can rationalize and make friends and actually enjoy his day.... people are incredibly judgmental and ignorant when it comes to these disorders and treatments... is it perfect? NO, do all kids who are put on these meds need them NO, but many do and there are many wonderful doctors and teachers and people out there who just want what is best for these kids and want them grow up and not want to jump off a bridge before they are 12 because they are depressed and bullied and unhappy, these kids are amazing kids they just need a little help to reach their full potential.

I cannot explain the happiness we felt yesterday and how eager Loghan was to tell everyone what a great day he had, judge all you like my child's happiness and welfare means more to me than you looking down on me and other like me, until you have walked in the shoes of a special needs child or parent you can never truly understand but it would help not be a douche and try.


  1. With you on this one 100%. I wish those ignorant people can experience our household in the mornings until L's meds kick in - the constant talking, shouting, fidgeting -

    1. I know, I never believed in ADHD neither did my parents until Loghan and you can tell a mile off when there are no meds because our home is just chaos, we have learned to work with it but as far as school is concerned it is in Loghans best interest as well as everyone around him for him to be on the meds, anyone who actually knows us and has spent time with Loghan agrees its just such a dam cheek when people who know nothing want to make assumptions and presumptions... m y rant for the day =)