Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Weekend Mumbles

This past weekend started off wonderfully... not

After a full week that was wonderful, Loghan did really well with his adjusted meds and new teacher and everything was looking great we have all his appointments set up and I finally felt confident that we were getting somewhere... come 11 o clock on Friday my phone rings and the schools number pops up.

The schools number isn't even saved on my phone and I can tell you when either the main number or one of the extensions is calling, my heart fell and I considered not answering... I'm not even joking but I did and in short Loghan was suspended from school for getting into a fight... come on universe you have got to be kidding me.

I made arrangements for him to be collected and tried to go on with my day as best of possible, then I'm on my way to fetch him and I get a message to say hubby is working the weekend... oh for flowers sake, so I had to race to the store and complete my entire months shopping in 20 minutes... not even joking how I did it only the gods will know but I did, I then went through to fetch Loghan in Melkbos and eventually got home around 8 and then had to face tackling Loghan's issue of the day which quite frankly I was just done and couldn't so I sent him to bed, I then had to cancel his play date which was terrible because I had to disappoint another very awesome little boy but even if Loghan had not misbehaved my hubby was working and Jesse was sick so there was no way around it.

So the boys are now in bed and I'm trying to get things done as it is near impossible to clean a house with 3 children not being otherwise occupied or watched by someone, well actually it is possible but by the time you have finished one area you may as well start again so it is pointless... and then Jesse woke up screaming... and he screamed and he screamed until at 12:00am I just couldn't stand seeing him in pain and nothing was helping so off we went off to the ER, poor monkey had an ear and throat infection and we went home with a very miserable monkey who eventually fell asleep at around 3am, and then hubby had to get up for work at 6 so that was fun.

Saturday was spent navigating a few errands to the pharmacy and to pay bills that couldn't wait and then home for the rest of the day, by Sunday Jesse was already looking so much better and we had to go get school shoes for Loghan because Gabriel lost his for the umpteenth time and Loghan has grown out of his so instead of getting my los-kop monkey a new pair of shoes I decided to get Loghan a pair and Gabriel can wear the others as it is only one more term, at the mall we bumped into my parents who generously offered to take us to breakfast... it was awesome and I had a session of literal word vomit about how the week had gone, when we were done I barely had time to put my bag down before running out with Gabriel again who had a party that afternoon at jump around which was awesome... I wanted to join so badly and then off to spur for the second half of the party that included cake from The Velvet cake Company which was AMAZING, we rushed home at 4  got Gabriel into the bath because he was filthy... he is always covered in muck seriously he is a boy to the T and then we ended off with dinner at my parents... so my weekend in a nutshell, it was a crazy one and slowly but surely all of us are getting sick, yay us, universe we are not on good terms right now lets just say I love you but I am not in love with you right now.

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