Thursday, 4 August 2016

Some thoughts on making your mark...

Before I was legally allowed to vote I remember telling my ouma one day that I would never vote because my vote would never count in this country anyway and what was the use of wasting my time… how stupid and na├»ve I was.

Of course by the time I actually became legal to vote I was older and a bit wiser and I changed my mind and have voted ever since.

Do I think any of the parties are perfect?

No, I do not however I think for the greater good of our country it is our responsibility to vote for a party that has the ability to rule out the current ruling party and start to make the change.

I gazed over the ballot yesterday, most of the parties I had never heard of and several of them were religious which is just wrong I am sorry but politics and religion are two things that should never mix, a party that rules religiously will not condone religious freedom if allowed to dictate government and laws and therefore has no place in ever doing so, in any case I made my mark, I stood two hours in the queue with a loopy lady in front of me who made me laugh a couple of times it wasn’t too bad in the end and we got to enjoy the rest of our day as a family which was lovely.

At the end of the day its everyone’s choice to vote or not but I do strongly agree that unless you have voted (unless something valid prevents you from doing so) then you really do not have the right to complain about anything in the country because the truth is each and every vote counts and if we want to create a better future for this country we all have to stand together and work towards that change.

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