Sunday, 21 August 2016

Bathing suite challenge

I have a confession to make, the last time I wore a bathing suite I was 19 and it was shortly after I had Loghan.

Since then the very idea makes me cringe and every year I gaze longingly at the swim suit isles wishing I had the courage to buy one.

So I've decided enough is enough this is year so I am giving myself until my birthday in December to not only buy a bathing suite but also wear it and snap a pic for this blog, I'm tired of letting media and judgement stop me from feeling comfortable in a bather it ends now, so I have 3 months to get my act together and get over this issue once and for all and nots not it, I challenge everyone who reads this if you have the same issues to do the same, no matter your size or shape we need to step up and show the media and each other that we are proud of our bodies and don't need to be driven by judgement or unrealistic standards this goes for the ladies or are told they are to skinny or flat chested as well it really is rediculous what society leads us to believe of our own bodies.

This challenge is scary for me but it's something I really feel would be great not only for my own self esteem but giving the finger to those unrealistic ideals. So here is to Summer... Challenge accepted.


  1. Well done! BTW Woollies usual have nice ones

  2. thanks hun I have a sort of vintage one in mind will have to see what I can get =)