Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Shampooheads Professional- Product Review

Before I start this post, this is not a sponsored post, the products were sent to me but I have not been paid for my opinion and as usual will only do a post about a product if I intend to or have been happy to use them within my family.

This package arrived on my desk a week ago and I would be lying if I said that seeing my blog name on a package doesn't make me giddy inside, I opened the box and couldn't wait to get these products home to try.


Before I test products I always look into the company and product first and I was pleased to find that Shampooheads Professional is not only PH balanced and dermatologically tested but it is also Paraban free and not tested on animals, these products were also developed with the help of Dr Mariam Stoppard a forerunner in terms of childhood development and care.

The product range is eye catching with it neon on black writing and is aimed at kids and teens.

To be clear I always test a product on myself before I test it on my kids so once hubby and I had and found ourselves to be happy with the formula and product we then allowed the boys to pick and choose and in the end we tried out everything, the boys especially loved the strawberry range which I have to say smells AMAZING!!!

My hair is incredibly dry to begin with so I will say it did dry my hair out a bit more but my hubby was very very impressed.

The two ranges I opted to test out were:

   Strawberry Kiss
·       "Our formulations are enriched with soft cotton extract. Cotton plants produce creamy-white flowers and   are native to most subtropical countries. Cotton is connected to the feeling of comfort and smoothness."
          Blueberry Burst
     "Our formulations are enriched with refreshing water mint. The plant is common across Europe, North and South America and is cultivated in Africa and Asia. It is used in shampoos for it’s refreshing qualities."

All 3 of my kids have different types of hair, my eldest wears his short and his hair is very thick and on the dry side, my middle son rocks the bed head look his hair is thick and virtually UN-tameable it just does its own thing and my youngest has medium length soft fine hair with a curl to it.

I was incredibly happy to get the strawberry DE-tangling spray as I am yet to find one that works well on my youngest and he hates anyone brushing his hair, we sprayed it on before getting in the bath and  5 minutes later I was able to painlessly comb through his hair it was really incredible, the shampoo and conditioner also left all 3 of the boys hair soft and smelling great, their hair was not left dry or oily or looking like we had washed it with a tub of silicone like some products do.

The hair gel in Blueberry burst was our final product test and when they say strong hold they mean it, I do not have the ability to style hair so I am not sure my kids were all that impressed with me but the gel itself was great, a small spot went a long way and it smelt great, I will definitely be trying to perfect their style a bit more with the help- of this product in the near future.

I would like to thank FreebeesPRandMarketing for sending me these products to try my kids love them and this makes me a very happy momma, I look forward to seeing more from this brand in locally in the future. 

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