Sunday, 17 July 2016

Happy Blocks- Happy Monkey =)

I have 3 boys so the most obvious kind of toy you are going to find in  our household is of course Lego, unfortunately Lego also comes with a rather hefty price tag so over the years I have taken to buying certain brands that are knock offs.

However there aren't many good quality knock offs around that are also compatible with the original Lego and I seem to have bought out all the sets of the ones that are so I was extremely elated when I discovered a lady (Happy Blocks) in our area that makes up sets and all kinds of packs from small to large at a very affordable price, the ranges come in the standard primary colours as well as neon, army, pinks/purples, black/white/grey and army colours and they are compatible with original Lego. SCORE

Loghan's birthday is coming up and this year he again opted to choose his gifts, I know there are many parents who would disagree but I like allowing him to choose, I also give him an allocation of what he is allowed to spend so this allows him to work somewhat within a budget I'm not a stickler for exact numbers but I obviously have to budget and have a certain amount I can work with, it isn't about the money but I do think its great for kids to be aware of what things cost and it gives them a sense of control over what they are getting and means I do not end up getting something he is going to play with for a hot minute and then abandon etc.

Anyhoo so one of the things Loghan begged and pleaded for was a large travel pack from Happy Blocks in the army colours, I sent an email through and received an almost instant response and we had our blocks I am not lying not even half an hour later and Loghan was pleased as punch especially with the spider man mini fig that accompanied the set.

If your child is into Lego I highly recommend this site, the bricks are really good quality and the service is fantastic I was really impressed and plan on purchasing some more when Jesse's birthday comes around in the near future.

1kg of blocks, 2 trees, 2 base boards and a mini fig for R330

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