Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Essence and Catrice Mini Haul

It's no secret my go to make up brands are Essence and Catrice as they are both affordable and cruelty free, which in SA there is far to little of.

Anyhoo I managed to replenish my make up stash this month and I usually like to try new things whenever I do so 4 of the 5 products I purchased are just that new and newly tested.

Essence Rock and Doll Mascara (R59.95)

Uhm I'm not actually sure how I feel about this mascara, the packaging is great, however the wand is much bigger than I usually prefer and the product is really thick which I am not a fan of but it did make my lashes look long, thick and amazing so its a hate love relationship on this one, will I purchase it again, I'm not sure I will I really love the Essence multi purpose mascara and will most probably stick to that a staple in the future.

Essence All about Matt High covering Concealer (R45.95)

My first impression when I opened the tube was that it had a very strong smell which I have to say put my off initially and I was somewhat disappointed but after using it I was pleasantly surprised, the coverage was awesome and so little product went a very long way.

Catrice Illuminating Blush- I'm nuts about you (R79.95)

Before I found out Avon tested on animals I purchased a dusty rose colored blush from them that made me completely change how I felt towards blushes in general, it was absolutely stunning and I have found it so difficult to find a similar colour since.

So when I saw this blush I just about jumped for joy and bought it, the colour once on the cheeks isn't exactly what I was hoping for but I love it all the same as it looks natural and the product and packaging in general is stunning so I will definitely purchase this one again, here is to hoping it isn't discontinued at some point!

Essence Kajal Pencil in Black (R19.95)

I always have both a black and a grey eye pencil in my make up bag, the grey is for days I want a more subtle natural look and the black for when I want my eyes to pop, I have purchased this eye pencil before and will again, the formula is great it feels soft and light and stays on all day and at the price it is such a good buy I highly recommend it!

Catrice All Matt plus shine control Powder (R74.95)

I adore Catrice powders they really are a gem, the packages are gorgeous and the product feels amazing on your skin.  Last time I opted for a translucent powder but I decided to go with the skin toned one this time and I was not disappointing, it makes my skin feel so soft and just blends everything in so beautifully, I will definitely purchase this again in the future.

Essence stay all day make up (R84.95)

I have not had a chance to try this one yet as my other Essence foundation is still half full but I hope to get the same results as I did with my previous purchase, Essence has really changed my feelings towards liquid foundations I used to detest them and preferred either a mousse or a powder but since Essence came along I have changed my mind.

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