Friday, 9 October 2015

Things you only appreciate when you are older....

Over the years I was told by many an older person to appreciate certain things as these things would change or go away as you get older, I was thinking about this today as the kids are all on holiday and I am ever so envious so I decided to put together a list: 

Time- when you are younger minutes and hours seem to last forever and you end up wishing the time away for something or another, as you get older time seems to move faster and before you know it, it’s Christmas time and it feels like January was just yesterday.

School Holidays- I’m bored is probably the thing I hear most from my older sons mouth especially, bored seriously there are days I would kill to be bored lol, I wish I had appreciated all the holidays we had in school because as a mom you never really get a holiday and holidays are taken mainly to cover the time when schools and crèche’s close.

Not having to worry about anyone but yourself- when my son goes ah mommy why cant you put my shoes on or ah mommy why do I have to do everything ie dress himself and pick up his toys -enter sarcastic face, my child wait till you grow up and you have to do everything for everyone else never mind yourself.

Treats that are yours – Come on every mom knows this one, the kids are asleep you sneak quietly into the cupboard and pull out that choccie you have been saving and waiting for all week and then suddenly like ninja’s your kids are there and you have to share, I swear they can hear a candy wrapper from miles away.

Money and its worth- when you go to the store and the kids want this and that, and you respond with we don’t have cash right now and they go its ok I have lots of money (R50) and they expect it to cover a R200 toy or when you give them R10 for something and they must spend it then and now on the first thing they see…. Sigh

Sleep- when your kiddos complain about going to be at 7, my boy I would do anything some days to get to bed at that time.

Food- Most children can eat what they want when they want this is not a luxury avoided to most women as they grow older.

Every day I plead with my children and encourage them to appreciate these things that seem so silly and small to them right now, it’s ironic that you only learn to appreciate what you have once you no longer have it or can enjoy it as you once did.


  1. yip I'm with you on time and sleep!

  2. my kids were up at 5:30 both Saturday and Sunday I wanted to cry