Monday, 12 October 2015

Recipe Share- Grilled Cheese Roll Ups

I often see recipes on Facebook but there are honestly so few times I actually attempt to make it, this weekend however I made 2 Pinterest / Facebook related recipes and I have chosen to share this one with you because....

1) Its Quick
2) It's Easy
3) You can chop and change it as you please
4) Your whole family will love it!

You will need the following:

A loaf of sliced bread (it can be white, brown or whole wheat but needs to be a square loaf)
Butter/ margarine
Grated Cheese
Toppings such as chopped ham, tuna mayo, anything you have on hand
1-2 beaten eggs (dependent on the amount of roll ups you make)
herbs and spices 

This silly momma forgot to take pics but I've tried to include some that I found on Pinterest.

Step one
Slice off the bread crusts, the amount of slices you need will depend on how much each person eats but for example if someone eats one sandwich then you would make them 2 of these.

Step Two
Roll your bread slices out flat with a rolling pin.

Step Three

Spread with a thin layer of butter and lay a spoonful of your toppings along the center line of the slice, sprinkle with cheese and then roll each one up like a Swiss roll/ pancake.

Step Four

Dip each one in the beaten egg and lay it in the oven tray

Step Five

Sprinkle with herbs and cheese

Step Six

Grill in the oven until crispy and golden, in my oven it took about 10 minutes.


There you have it, they turned out great and would do well as a lunchbox treat for the kids as well, you can mix it up add spinach and feta or cream cheese or just plain cheese, the tuna mayo with cheese was a great hit with my whole family!

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