Sunday, 25 October 2015

My weekend in Pictures

I have been a bit blue over the last week, I can always feel when I start to slip and I hate it so much, I think anyone who suffers with depression can tell you its a constant struggle and you can have everything and be as happy as pie but it just happens, slowly those feelings creep up and become stronger... anything can trigger it this time it has been a combination of the anniversary of my grandmothers passing as well as I have been suffering with severe jaw pain and migraines and then financially things have been incredibly strained so this weekend I took the time to just spend time with those who I love the most; my family.

It was a calm weekend, we went to the beach on Saturday, but for the most part we just spent time together at home in the garden and playing games or watching movies... I cannot explain how much better I feel, so I decided to share a few of these moments, the moments that have made me smile and bring me so much joy.

Cape Town truly is he most beautiful place

So tired after the beach

Silly Monkey

Post water fight that Jesse started =)
Jesse had to have the packet to himself

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