Monday, 14 September 2015

My Weekend in Pictures

Good evening everyone from a cold and wet Cape Town.

We have a very sick monkey at home right now so its been a tough 2 days but the past weekend was really lovely so I decided to share a few pictures....apologies I am no photographer.

First off I woke up on Saturday to find out our Stickee collection had taken over the bathroom,,

Then we rushed around like mad things to get ready and out the door for our usual Library run where an innocent looking elderly lady remarked upon the reasoning behind my older kids being darker in hair colour than my youngest... so I snarked back that they had different dads not m finest moment but that was that from her, so what I was married to their father there is nothing to be ashamed of and that aside kids hair can darken with age why on earth would you ask such a blatant thing but anyhoo...

So aside from that we had the usual medications run, anyone out there on Chronic meds you must feel my pain, every month remembering to phone for a script on time amongst all the other chaos of life every single month because the meds are schedule 6 and then just hoping you have enough money with the way prices go up and down all the time, thankfully we have an amazing pharmacist who allows us to pay at month end so that is a great help/

Then we were off to Town and the Open Book festival which was held at The Fugard Theater,  I was a bit disappointed to be quite honest I was really looking forward to attending most of the events were free and a  children's corner was promised so I thought it would be a great afternoon, unfortunately whilst the face painter in the kids corner was amazing and there were amazing children's comic and regular book artists they were very few so we ended up having to leave early because Jesse got miserable and bored.

The wind was also blowing a gale in Town so we almost lost the pram and my skirt did a Marilyn Monroe on me...  oh well...I cussed like a sailor I will tell you that much.

Isn't he just gorgeous

The adult artwork on display was AMAZING I wish I could have afforded a piece or two

When we got home I made lunch and hubby sat down with the kids to build a Space Rail model he manged to get at half price off Takealot, they were busy for the remainder of the afternoon ad it was great, it also glows in the dark, I will post a pic when it is hundred percent completed.

Gabriel looks like he is the one doing the instructing

Loghan also having fun

Whilst this was going on I chilled on the couch with Jesse and took a nap... yay for breastfeeding

Finally the weekend ended with a school farmyard trip for Gabriel who apparently had a ball even in this weather.

So thats that I hope everyone has a great evening and stays warm, here's to hoping Jess doesn't have to much of a hard time tonight.

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