Thursday, 24 September 2015

Heritage day SA

So it was heritage day today in SA and we got a day off, well at least I did hubby had to work for most of the day so I had to brave the shops alone with the monkeys this morning, The boys usually do fine but I like to have hubby there just in case and also so that I can concentrate and not forget half of what I need to get.

After that we came home, I taught Loghan how to play Ingle Angle properly lol now I do feel old and then when hubby got home we had a lekker braai, the boys even found a catterpillow as they call it and that entertained them for a least a good hour.

I hope everyone else had a great day.

The braai master pose lol

Jesse showing me a tiny prey mantis it was itsy bitsy

Playing crash the vehicles

The entertaining Caterpillow


I'm on my own with the monkeys tomorrow, not sure but I am thinking a trip to the beach is in order =)

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