Thursday, 24 September 2015

Friday Feature- Happy Fluff, Modern Cloth Nappies

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Feature Friday.

I really have enjoyed doing this every week and have gotten to know so many amazing ladies it has been wonderful and I just want to take this time to thank each and every one of them for sharing their wonderful business stories with me and helping me to keep this initiative going.

Without further ado let’s get started on today’s feature which is Happy Fluff a Pretoria based cloth diapering business run by the lovely San- Mari Louw.

To anyone who is not aware I am a cloth momma, I have been cloth diapering Jess for over a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed it not only because it put a stop to constant  rashes and chemical burns for Jesse but also because they are environmentally friendly and save you a bundle compared to disposables.

However I did find that when I first start researching cloth there was just an overload of information and not many local store besides wellness warehouse sold cloth so it I had to go on reviews from other moms in place of actually being able to touch and see the products before buying them and that is why I think San Mari’s idea is so great, she provides that service and information that would have made my life so much easier when starting out….

First off why did you start Happy Fluff?

 “My baby girl was diagnosed with an Immune deficiency (PID) beginning 2015 and I had to resign from my day job to take care of her, as she gets sick quickly and cannot come into contact with sick babies. “

“We as a family had to cut back on some expenses and I decided to look into Modern cloth Nappies to save us some money. I convinced my husband to give me R700 to by our first 5 Modern cloth nappies. It’s been 10 months now and I have 20+ modern cloth nappies (never again buying Pampers), some new, some pre-loved and some gifted.”

What is the aim of your business?

 “I started this project to show Moms how to use Modern cloth and to tell them about all the pro's when using modern cloth on your little ones bum. The modern cloth 'lingo' was something to get used to when I started my initial research to save us some money, and that's when I realized all modern cloth in South Africa are sold online, and there is 1 shop that I know of that stocks modern cloth.”

What makes your business unique to the many other cloth businesses out there?

“What makes me unique is that I go to Moms in Pretoria, East Rand and Johannesburg, so that they can touch and look at Modern cloth nappies before they buy them. Since I started 4 brands have joined and now I also sell Mini-Matters, Bam+boo Baby, Mini-Mee and Cherub tree.”

How can someone find you?

“I'm in the process of designing a website
, but for now I have a facebook page"

Any upcoming events we should know about?

“I will be hosting the first of its kind a Modern Cloth Nappy Demo in Gauteng. I hope to do this every second month. Super excited to do this as there are alot of pregnant mommies that don't know where to start with cloth diapering.”

How can someone place an order from you?

“Orders can be placed via email, I send out our catalogue and orders can be placed using the codes on the catalogue, but the website should be up and running end September and then it would make the order process easier.”

“I use Fastway as courier, but I try to minimise courier cost so that it will never be more than R50. Mommies will be able to order form 4 different brand through Happy Fluff and only pay courier fees once instead of paying(R80 x 4) when buying from each brand.”

I think that this is an absolutely wonderful opportunity for new cloth moms or any cloth mom who is unsure of a brand she is interested in my only regret is that San- Mari is not Cape Town based because I would love to attend one of her demos my cherub tree nappies are among my top favorites in my rather large stash so the brands she is stocking are of great quality and value.

I would like to thank San- Mari for taking the time to send through all of her information, please go on over to her site and show her some much deserved love.

Have a lovely Friday everyone!

Let us end with this cuteness!!!!

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