Friday, 11 September 2015

Feature Friday- B's Tasty Table

Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to another Feature Friday.

This week I will be highlighting a Cape Town based business and one I have personally used myself and am going to be using again come month end; B’s Tasty Table

B’s is run by Bianca Morelli a 22 year old who hails from George but thankfully decided to grace Cape Town with her absolutely amazing cakes.

Let’s jump in and see what she has to say:

Describe your Business in a few words:

“A Home Based Professional Baking business, inspired by Family, Love, and Happy Memories”

Why did you choose to go into cake making?

“I originally qualified in Child Care, I decided after working for a boss for 3 years, to pursue my part time passion and make it my full time career, which is to bake cakes that bring people together and become a part of some magic memories.

From a young age my dear Granny would teach my sister’s and I the basics of cooking and baking, as well as extra skills like making Jam and general Arts and Crafts. She introduced me to my first love- Baking, and for that I am forever grateful!”

My sons avengers cake, exactly to the T of the picture I showed and absolutely DIVINE!

What are your specialties?

“I now specialize in personalizing and decorating Cakes, Cupcakes and other Party Sweet Treats. “


What makes B’s stand apart from every other cake making business?

“I pride myself in giving my Clients exactly what they are looking for no matter what the challenge. I put all my Effort and Energy into perfecting every order, and often go above and beyond to make it happen.

As well as my perfect finish, my cakes taste DELICIOUS, and are incredibly well priced. Some would consider them a “Triple Threat”.”

I can tell you that what she said above about her cakes are true to the t, her cakes are DIVINE, freshly made with every bit as much of love as you could hope for!

The Face behind B's displaying at a wedding Expo 

Here are a few comments from her clients:

 “I usually bake my own cakes, but now I’ve tasted yours, and that’s become a problem.”-  Sharlene Phillipson

 “Brilliant Service from Bianca. Excellent Prices. The cake pops not only looked good but they were absolutely delicious. Everybody loved them. Thank you Bianca for the efficient and friendly service. Can definitely recommend her” - Amee Groenewald

“Excellent service, tasty cakes and very professional” - Jarryd Jensen

How can people find you?

You can find B's Tasty Table on Facebook

How can people order?

You can order via her facebook page, email or you can contact her on: 071 2888 136

B's even does customized company treats as well!

 Honestly I wish I could share more picture because her treats are all so incredible, thank you to Bianca for sharing with us, go on over to her page and show her some love.

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