Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Did you ever think about...

I’ve been thinking about something that was said to me when my ex and I attended my sons first appointment with his new psychiatrist some months ago.

He was asking us about our medical history and if there was any history of mental disorders within our family line, of course my ex and I both have and when we replied, the doctor turned to me and said; you ladies, you never consider these things before you make babies with someone, it wasn’t in those exact words but along those lines….

When I was pregnant with my babies I never once thought about the possibilities of genetic disorders I thought about features; would they have their fathers eyes and my nose, and their personal interests would they be sporty or arty, not once ever did I think about the possibility of passing down; adhd, depression, anxiety, eczema and allergies… and why? It’s not as if I was stupid or naïve I knew and have experienced losses and scares as well as the general will my child be born healthy with 5 fingers on each hand and all that jazz…

Now that I’ve had my kids and I have seen many of our genetic illnesses and disorders come through I can appreciate that statement because well we should be thinking about it even if for nothing but for preparation and insight…

My kids are awesome and perfect as they are, but it does sometimes make me sad that they inherited all this things from us and now have to deal with it even though I know they are troopers and can only grow stronger from it it still hurts when they get frustrated or sad or have issues in school.
We can’t help who we fall in love with, and nothing is full proof, but it gives you something to think about doesn’t it?

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