Saturday, 26 September 2015

2 Years of Monkey Madness

Sitting here this evening, it feels like it was just yesterday but it was 2 years ago about this time that my back pain that had escalated from about 2 pm that afternoon had persisted through a warm bath and my constant denial to the point where my hubby took it upon his self to call the labor ward and they told us to come through.

Being in denial I called my mom and asked her to take me through I didn't take anything and left my hubby behind convinced that it would be a false alarm and I would be home shortly, on the way to the hospital it started to rain (it also rained today) and literally as I walked through the hospital doors the pain upped a level and I felt a contraction for the first wasn't pleasant and I quickly regretted that I had wanted to know what contractions actually felt like.

We were taken up to the ward the nurses fussed and strapped me to the machines, I started feeling a bit better and was chatting to my mom very calmly, a nurse came in checked the paper and when my mom asked if I was having contractions the nurse replied that yes something was indeed happening, within minutes nurses were coming in with consent forms and gowns, and the next thing I knew they were asking me where my husband was as they wanted to take me up to theater, I went into a slight panic and fear of him not being there for the birth but thankfully just as the theater doors were closing he ran in and they started on my ceaser, we laughed and joked, I felt sick from the anesthetic just like I had with Gabriel's ceaser and then before I knew it Jesse was lifted above the beam and carried away... silence... I remember straining my neck in an attempt to see him... WHY wasn't he crying I couldn't breathe and then... he cried, I was so relieved little did I know how much they had struggled to get him going but thank the Gods they did.

First Photo before NICU

5/10 his first score

2 years but it feels like yesterday and I cannot explain the joy that this little monkey brought into our lives!

This year has been tough and his birthday didn't go as planned but we had an amazing day today and I wanted to share some pics...

Opening his gift with daddy

His gift assembled
His brothers got to play too
Curious George Cake made by B's Tasty Table
A very Happy Monkey
So Gorgeous
Blowing out his candles

4 hours to make a cake and 5 minutes to demolish it

The cake was AMAZING and Jesse had a ball, his present was a huge hit he loved it and everything turned out great.

Happy birthday to my gorgeous monkey, we love you oh so much!

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