Wednesday, 15 July 2015

More than just a girl

Last night I was watching YOUtube videos as per my norm in the evenings and usually I press the skip ad function on videos as soon as I can especially since the same ads tend to play on all the videos. 

Last night however I didn’t press skip on one advert in particular, I think the ad was for Always feminine pads however the advert itself left a definite mark on me and I wanted to discuss it today.
Basically the ad is about woman/ girls and how even though we are supposed to be living in a society of equal rights woman and girls are still told to often that they are weak or cannot do something because they are ‘just a girl’ it also discloses statistics on how girls lose most of their self-worth or confidence in their teen years and therefore are more prone to be moulded into the I can’t attitude that society has deemed fit for them.

The advert was extremely powerful and it made me think about my own life and how many times I had been told that something was for girls because it was gentle and safe whilst I couldn’t do other things because I am a girl and not brave enough or strong enough, even my own father has told me that he won’t teach me how to change a tyre on my car because girls have no need for such things and if something happens I must just call for assistance… thanks dad.

It really is sad that we are living in a society of false illusions one that claims equal right and acceptance in more ways than just this one.

I have boys so I cannot speak for raising a girl however as a mom of boys I feel that we can teach our boys to have the respect towards woman that they deserve to treat them as an equal not as a lesser being in any form career wise, domestic wise etc

I always like to think that I am pretty independent, I can do a lot of technical house related things but there are also many things that I am utterly useless at that I do think is due to me being told that my husband should do such things or that it would take too long to teach me so rather just give in and let a man do it if you get what I am saying.

It really is sad, and so I just want to encourage all the moms out there to never let your daughter think she cannot do something, encourage her to learn how to do things on her own and to explore avenues even when she is told she can’t and for the moms of boys raise your boys as the equal of girls not as superior or inferior as an equal encourage them to help and not hinder the development of woman’s rights and to never make a girl feel in superior because of her gender.

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