Thursday, 16 July 2015

Comic Book Room Overhaul

So last night I hunkered down after a very stressful and irate end to my day… not even going to get into it, anyway I sat down to edit the footage we got of the boys room I redecorated and 3 hours later… I'm not even kidding, I am so terrible and impatient… we managed to get 15 minutes worth of footage clipped and edited down to 2 minutes… yay

Again a work in progress again its not perfect but I am really proud of what I managed to accomplish with the boys room.

So here it goes... 

If anyone is interested I purchased the chalkboard paint from Cotton Candi its an online store that does chalkboard paints and pens as well as Washi tap, stamps and a few other thing- I was incredibly impressed with not only the pricing of their products but also the service, the quick delivery and the attention to detail of the packaging it arrived in so I will definitely be doing a review on them and how to properly use their product because I did try a few different things and worked on a few different textured surfaces so keep an eye out for that again I was so impressed!

The bedding was purchased from Mr Price Home and is the only big purchase I made when it came to the boys room, Loghan's birthday is next week and they really needed this room redone so I thought it was worth the investment.

Otherwise the prints I made myself by looking for HD graphic pictures on Google (dear old Google) and then having them printed at Studio 22 which is conveniently located right next door to where I work and the printing cost me under R10 and then the frames were purchased from the Crazy Store, all of them cost me under R100 together.

The paint I used to pain the room out first was leftover paint we had from when our geyser burst a few month ago and any brushes and odds and sods were purchased from Builders Warehouse for next to nothing I simply brought cheap one job brushes and items so the cost was minimal and they did the job they were supposed to.

So that’s all for now, I will be putting up Jesse’s room footage next week because I have done a few more things to it since I last took pictures and the montages really look much better than the one or two pictures I would be able to put up in blog format.

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