Friday, 17 July 2015

Cotton Candi Online Review

“Cotton Candi aims to inspire creativity by sourcing and selling beautiful and useful products”

I mentioned in the BoysComic Book Room Overhaul that I had ordered my chalk paint from Cotton Candi Online and that I was very impressed with them so I wanted to write up a review to encourage all you arty crafty and even not so arty crafty mommies (it's that easy) to get creative and maybe even pop onto their store and show them some love.
In my search to find chalkboard paint on dear old Google I found several different brands but this site caught my eye, not only were the products affordable, but the paint was also available in a smaller and larger tub which I found not be the case in the other brands I saw, and since I wasn’t exactly sure what I would be doing at the time or how that paint would fair I decided to go with them and I am very glad that I did.
The paint is available in an assortment of colours in either a 125ml tub or 250ml tub, I purchased the 125ml tubs in Apple Green, Midnight Blue and Black on sale for R48.

Colour's of the paint

So hubby placed the order online for me, it’s simple you just put the items you want in the cart and pay voila- they have a host of items ranging from said chalk board paint and even chalkboard pens, to stamps, ink, Washi tape and even scarves and arty cards and prints.

So we placed the order and paid a minimal courier fee, you can also collect your order if you wish and I was very surprised when I received it on the 3rd day after our order was placed very late on day one, so that alone impressed me, then I opened the courier packet and I was bowled over by the detail enclosed in my package from the beautiful ribbon and card to the straw worms that nestled the products within them, the paints were also well sealed and I even got a free roll of Washi tape as a think you for purchasing from them which I thought was such a lovely gesture especially since in my opinion I hadn’t spent much on the site.

This all definitely has set my mind for repurchasing from their site in the future.
Now getting down to the actual paint use….

The paint tub recommends a foam roller, but I tried both brushes and rollers, the roller was great for larger spaces and meant the product didn’t streak unlike when I used the brushes however I found the brushes worked better on a wooden surface and for edges that I couldn’t quite get into with the roller.

I painted on an already painted surface, on a clean surface as well as on a pine surface, one matte and one slightly worn but varnished, the paint worked well on all of them what I did like though is if I really try and do scrub etc I could get the paint off of the wooden surfaces should I ever decide to change anything I also found that when I used the roller the paint had a tendency to splatter slightly and I got some on myself as well as the wooden floor and skirting’s- it was so easy to clean and did not stain at all so that also made me very happy.

The end result as can be seen in my video were amazingly bright and vibrant and I managed to cover a large surface amount for what I expected looking at the tubes themselves so you get value for your product (I still have blue and green paint left).

All in all like I said very impressed with the service and products received from start to finish and I cannot wait to find a use for my blue shimmer Washi tape!!!

The Boys are very happy and so am I… happy shopping and share some local love!

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