Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Treat Boutique- Local Business Review

I just wanted to do a small post on a local company which is top of my list in recommendations this month.

As I have mentioned before it is always a struggle to find nice quick and and reasonably priced healthy lunch box altrernatives and ideas, quite frankly as much as I love my kids I just dont have the time to make mermaid sanwhiches and tofu wraps etc so I was very impressed when I ordered from the Treat Boutique a small family run business in the Parklands/ Table View area.

This month I looked at what I usually spend on the kids lunch boxes and placed and order, her list includes a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts, health bars, biscuits popcorn and an assortment of sweeties and they come in 50 g packs, 100g and more, I have found that the 50g packets are just perfect for the kids lunch boxes and it has not only saved me money but so much time because I can pack a yoghurt and sandwich and then throw in some popcorn dried fruit and nuts... so quick and simple and the kids are just loving it so I will definitely be putting in an order next month!

If you would like more information pop on over to their facebook page; or email Lynette and she will be happy to send you a price list:, her prices are incredibly reasonable and the variety is awesome.

The boys favorites so far are the raisens/peanuts, banana chips and mixed fruit cubes!

Happy Snacking.

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