Friday, 22 May 2015

Essence Multi Action Mascara- Review

When looking for mascara my criteria is as follows-

Non clumping
Non dramatic

I know most woman prefer or want a mascara that gives them dramatic falsified lashes but I don’t, I personally think it looks tacky and well terrible on me so basically I look for something that will darken and slightly thicken so that one can see my lashes but that they don’t look fake or that the mascara is not going to irritate my eyes because the product is so thick and clumpy.

So when mother’s day rolled around and we went out to get something for my mom, I wound up with the Essence multi action mascara… hmm no idea how that ended up in the trolley I swear.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara I cannot say it enough out of all the mascaras I have ever used this is my favourite, I do have the Essence all eyes on you mascara which I reviewed some time ago and I was and still am very happy with that one but I do find it tends to leak somewhat so I often have to check my eyes throughout the day just in case, but this one I absolutely adore, it goes on smooth, it doesn’t clump or leak and darkens my lashes without thickening or extending them to a point of looking tarty, and the price seriously the price it retails for R64.95 and again if I can get a product that works for less yes please!!!

The effect after use
The packaging is stunning- I love the matte feel and the black- hot pink design was very appealing to me, there was an entire rack full of essence mascaras and this was the one I went for, the applicator is a regular mascara wand which I like, I also really love the wands that are slightly curved but other than that the wand must be sturdy and large so that the product applies clump free and separates the lashes well.

I wish I could try out every single Essence product I absolutely love this brand and everything they stand for, sadly my wallet screams every time I open it and puffs smoke and moths into the air most days past the beginning of the month- I know you get the Catrice brand as well which as far as I can tell (I may be wrong) is just a bit more upmarket than Essence ie more expensive, but the essence range works for me and I have heard so many other woman raving about it, I highly recommend this product and more reviews can be expected in the future!

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