Monday, 25 May 2015

Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds- LUSH Review

Since the first time that I stepped into a LUSH store I fell completely head over heels for their products, besides everything they stand for – they are cruelty free, natural and many of their products are even vegan, I completely adore their products.

My boys especially love their bubble bars and bath bombs so every month I ensure that I at least have 1 thing my cupboard for them to enjoy (I find this to be a better treat than sweets) - usually this is a bubble bar as I find these go much further than the bath bombs and are better value for your money- also what child doesn’t LOVE bubbles.

Up until recently we have mainly used the comforter bubble bar which is LUSHES most well-known bubble bar and has the most gorgeous berry scent it is simply to die for, I have been very cautious of some of the other bubble bars as the Karma and Brightside bubble bars include ingredients that would not be good for Gabriel’s eczema prone skin, there is however one other bubble bar that doesn’t include those ingredients and that is what I am going to review today…

The Blue clouds and Fluffy Skies bubble bar is a double sized bubble bar that retails for R54.95, it has a patchouli and frankincense scent which is A-MAZING and when used in greater quantities it turns your bath water a light blue and gives you mounds of glorious light and fluffy bubbles.

Now I say in greater quantities simply because we tend to use quite a small amount and can often get quite a number of uses out of one bar- I have found that the amount we uses produces more than enough bubbles for our somewhat small bath so it works for us- I do however know of several people who will use a third or even half the bar which would probably overflow our bath, you need to figure out what amount is good for you, simply slice off a chunk and crumble it under the running water, the bubbles will start to form and voila you can decide how much you need or don’t need.

The smell is great, very calming and it doesn’t affect Gabriel’s skin at all, the water remains an off clear colour for us but the smell is very robust and lingers for quite some time afterwards- I will add that these are the only bubble bath products I have found that do not affect Gabriel's skin so for him this a wonderful experience and one that up until we discovered LUSH he never got to enjoy.

I highly recommend this bubble bar and it is a definite repurchase for the future.

I would like to add that I am coming up on time to purchase another shampoo bar, I maybe have another week or so’s use left and my bar of Honey I washed my hair has lasted for just over a good 4 months!!!! It is a R90 bar but 4 months or more I think that is a great worth for its money and it has done incredible things for my hair, another product I highly recommend!

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