Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

Since the end of last month I believe it was I have been simply dying to try a new coffee range I had seen in passing at Checkers, I absolutely adore a good quality flavored coffee but it is not something we get very often because my hubby and I go through way to much coffee (sacrilege)... we go through a lot of coffee, but that is our treat our thing that goes into the trolley every month.

In any case I spotted this coffee and really wanted to try it but it wasn't on the cards, unsure of which coffee I am referring to have you been hiding under a rock, I am of course referring to the new Beanies range of flavored coffees that everyone is raving about- it has just been introduced to South Africa from the UK and is available at Checkers for R39 - 50g bottle and the filter coffee is in the region of R49 I think for 125g.

I am going to be honest in saying it is obviously not a cheap brand of coffee, but as far as coffee is concerned I believe you pay for quality and whilst I would not purchase this to drink several times a day, we drink too much coffee for that, I thought this would be a lovely evening treat for hubby and I.

So yesterday I stood in the checkers coffee eye googling and mumbling to myself over which flavour to get as I could only get one and in the end I chose their Chocolate Orange flavour- now I love orange chocolate particularly dark orange chocolate and so does my hubby and when I heard about this flavour the 1st thing that came to my mind was the Terry's orange chocolate my mom used to bring over from the UK... my mouth waters just thinking about it.
Anyway so hubby and I had our 1st cup last night, I opened the seal and a wave of the most gorgeous spectacular coffee scent burst from that jar it was absolutely to die for, I couldn't wait to taste it and when I did I was not disappointed... Terry's orange that's all I am going to say.... wow, wow, wow, I am in love with this coffee completely head over heels and hubby is too.

I will add that I take my coffee black with no sugar, hubby prefers sugar and milk so the flavour is good either way, my hubby was very impressed and so was I, I wish I could try more of their flavours but it will have to wait until next month till then we will covet the jar we have like the precious commodity it is, YUM, perfect winter days lie ahead.

Like I said the range is available from Checkers, they also have a web page www.beaniesflavourco.co.uk/ if you want to check them out and you can also follow them on twitter @ Beanies_Flavour.

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