Monday, 13 April 2015

fun and games....

My boys are home ahhh cannot explain how good it feels to have them home and back under my roof and in my arms....

I fetched them on Saturday at noon only to be told that Gabriel had sharpened his finger... yes sharpened it thankfully without causing too much damage but otherwise they had a ball, Gabriel told me how he was scared of the waves at valley of the waves but he still played and had a great time and Loghan went down a 300m slide when I saw pictures I think I died a little inside to think of my baby daring to do that but he did and I am ever so proud of him, I noticed that he definitely came home quite a bit braver than when he left which is awesome!!!


The rest of Saturday was spent playing outside and lots of cuddles along with a wors braai and of course lots of easter eggs....(not the best idea)

Sunday was a test for my patience levels Loghan was hell bent on going out of his ways to irritate his brothers in every way possible and ended up throwing 2 very big tantrums which hasnt happened in a long time and which ended up in me and hubby having to hold him until he calmed down so that was a down period in the weekend.

We ended off our Sunday with our old friend loadshedding which left Gabriel upset and not wanting to sleep so we all clambered into their room all 5 of us and Sonic too, we lit a candle and played games until Gabriel and Jesse eventually fell asleep and the electricity came on which then led to Loghan passing out.

Of course this morning it was back to school with all the usual drama- they didn't want to get up then they argued over breakfast choices then over juice.... sigh but they walked out the door happy and in one piece so hopefully today will be a good day....

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