Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Mella Academy- Big Bay

At the entrance

This post has taken a bit longer to put together than I had hoped unfortunately things don't always go according to plan and with everything going on at the moment I just have not had the time but here it goes.
2 weeks ago my attention was drawn to the opening of a new sensory development academy opening up for children in the Big Bay area, I contacted one the of the ladies involved and was given information regarding the event including the small cost involved in procuring a 'vip' pass or carnival pack as it was called as the event was carnival themed which I love.

We were very much looking forward to attending with Jesse but as luck would have it our finances did not play along and I contacted them again to say unfortunately we could not attend when they responded saying they wanted to give us complimentary entrance I was delighted and we looked very much forward to the event ahead which promised amongst other things a petting zoo, sensory room, face painting and other activities.
So on Saturday we all packed into the car and  made our way up the road to the house of Mink in Seaside Village Big Bay.
Upon arrival we were greeted by a lovely lady who gave Jess a welcome party pack filled with complimentary goodies, we then proceeded to the petting zoo which was located in a cordoned of section towards the back of the center.
I just want to apologize before I go on for the poor quality pictures I am in the process of looking at a better camera when we can afford it but in the mean time my lap top is refusing to play nice and I cannot get any of my editing programs to work so I had to post the pictures as is... it is very sad and it doesn't do the even t nearly as much justice as it should as the ladies really did a splendid job and you could see alot of love has been put into the decor and the center itself.

refreshments sold at the entrance YUM

Jesse thoroughly enjoyed the petting area he loved animals and got to touch amongst other things a sheep named Moo, a miniature pig, rabbits, baby chicks, rats and goats, he wasn't all that amused with the ducks though when they opened their wings he got very upset the same happened with the baby chicks but it was lovely seeing all the children interact with these animals and of course the animals loved all the attention and ran around like they owned the pen, I will say that although I do not condone or like the concept of caged animals etc these animals were all allowed to roam free except the baby chicks, rats and rabbits for obvious reasons they were all well cared for and just lovely, you could tell the handlers and owner are all very gentle and involved in their care.

before the chick flapped its wings and we had to move on

the goats were greedy little critter sjoe
I left a piece of my heart with these two
The rambunctious ducks

After Jess had seen and touched all of them we proceeded to the sensory room which is where all the activities and classes will take place which is the main focus of the center to develop a child's sensory field through play and learning and to stimulate all of the senses; the center has not officially opened yet I believe they will be open officially next month but we were able to speak with one or two of the ladies involved and I really think it will be a lovely thing for moms who maybe stay home with their kids and are looking for something to stimulate them once or twice a week and to let them interact with other children,they will also be offering a Saturday class so they have not left out the working moms.
The sensory room is lovely filled with everything from instruments and dress up clothes to paint and dough it had everything a child would love to have and I am sure that the classes will be lovely.

very happy children
We loved this fake snow as much as Jesse did...

They also make and sell their own play dough which smells absolutely amazing seriously I wanted to eat it, and Jesse loved it, we spent a good 2 hours there and it really was lovely I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a weekly educational activity group for their child, I believe they go up to 4 years from baby age.
For anyone who would like more information the website for the Mella Academy is www.mellaacademy.co.za

The goodies we received- coloring book and crayons, mallows, play dough, stickers and a lolly

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