Monday, 9 March 2015

Sick Mama

This is how I felt this morning being sick sucks....


My weekend was spent at home trying hard to get over a virus of some sort with a very active toddler and a hubby who had to work all weekend, its hard to stay in bed or even on the couch when your child is a little daredevil who likes to be an acrobat to dangerous levels and wants to get into everything and touch every single thing he is not meant to... Ive forgotten how scary this stage can be and also how frustrating because they are at the stage when they know what they want and if you don't give it to them they are smart enough to know how to throw a full on tantrum especially when you are tired or sick in the hopes that you will give in... I am a seasoned veteran my child no matter how crap I feel you shall not win.... until they give you that sad puppy dog look that makes you melt... touche my son... well done.

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