Tuesday, 3 February 2015

V Day

Its almost valentines day, I cannot believe we are in February already seriously where is the year going!?

I'm not one for celebrating v day but this year we had a voucher so we decided to put it to good use and I have made a reservation at Sevruga for the evening with my parents to watch the boys for a few hours.... I would say my parents are going to have their hands full but the boys always behave like saints when left alone with my parents.... sigh

I have to say I am quite looking forward to some alone time with hubby and the restaurant is apparently gorgeous, I have also not been to the waterfront in years so I am very excited to get all dolled up ( yes I will do so for hubby) and have a night out.

Valentines day is a funny thing because it is so overly commercialized and things become so expensive all for the sake of proving to your partner that you love them which you should do on a daily basis anyway even if its in a small way, I understand that is is nice for couples to plan for one night or day of togetherness etc nut in a lot of ways I think it can become an excuse for men to treat their partners terribly or neglect them for the whole year only to then try cram everything into one day of happiness led forgiveness, V day has become a day of candied hearts and overpriced flowers of love rekindled and horribly corny marriage preposals.

If you are celebrating my apologies for being a bit negative and I hope that it is a lovely day for you and your partner, if you are alone then you know what give V day a kick in the teeth go out and have a night with the girls or stay home eat chocolate drink wine and take a well deserved luxury bath, if you prefer not to celebrate why not just make your partner and you a nice dinner and send the kids off to be earlier do something for you because you deserve it because you are amazing and deserve some TLC love and attention.

I would love to do a boudoir shoot if I could afford it not just for hubby although he would love it but because I would love to do it to empower and instill confidence in myself... maybe next year but just a thought if you are looking for an idea, these shoots can be so fun and the pictures are amazingly tasteful and elegant.....something to ponder on if you have the money for it even if you are not in a relationship and do it for yourself.

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