Wednesday, 25 February 2015

baby steps...

Yesterday I did something that was a pretty big deal for me….


I attend a Zumba class twice a week courtesy of my mom… thank you mom, I have very little or no rhythm well at least in my mind so this class has been great not only for my health but my general self-esteem.
In any case I have always been the person who stands waaaay in the corner at the back of the class and if there is a mirror or any sort of door where people can see my stay far away from it, I always feel incredibly self-conscious and feel like I look like a complete fool.


Since I’ve started losing weight though I have found myself becoming more confident and over the last month I have come to the realisation that quite frankly I am not there for anyone else but myself I am there to exercise and have fun- for me and my health not to please anyone else or to look good… so last night due to me running late by the time I got there everyone else was already ready to start leaving me with only 2 options- to either squeeze into the back row and end up frustrated and bumping into someone every 2 minutes or to stand further to the front and waaaay out of my comfort zone… I chose the latter… and I have to say that it was honestly the most enjoyable class I have ever had, I felt great confident and I enjoyed myself so much plus instead of focusing on the people in front of me it forced me to actually remember the routine the routine and focus my brain instead of numbingly following those around me… it was great I walked out full of energy and really happy.


It may seem small but it was a really big thing for me and I am really proud of it.

It just shows how much of  a difference stepping out of your comfort can make to your mind-set as well as your confidence and your enjoyment of the activity involved, I don’t know whether I looked like a bad chicken or if I looked like I was doing the moves properly and quite frankly I actually don’t care, well obviously getting the moves right is important but hey baby steps and I definitely walked out all sweaty and horrid so that means I got the workout I needed.

Ooo just a side note I’ve been using that LUSH solid deodorant for 2 weeks now and I have to say I am really impressed even after a Zumba class I smell fresh and awesome even though I don’t look it bwhahaha.
Yay to baby steps and achieving my yearly goals….


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