Monday, 26 January 2015

school time blues

Last night was the 1st parent evening for the term…. Quite frankly I hate parent meetings and if I could I would avoid them at all costs but unfortunately for me I have found that when you have a child or children that require extra attention a parent meeting is something you do not miss- you want to make sure that you talk to the teacher regarding your child’s progress every chance that you get that you are kept up to date with every little smidge of information no matter how small or fruitless it may seem.

So last night I came home to know electricity… thank you eskom.


No Gabriel for some reason cannot seem to wrap his mind around this he kept on asking me to get uncle (hubby) to fix it and make it come on- we have pre-paid electricity so he knows that when we run out we just reload so he seems to think it is along the same lines and nothing can convince him otherwise.

Anyway so I get them in the bath and of course Loghan and Gabriel are going at each other every 2 seconds and poor Jesse is like for mercies sake woman get me out of this bath and away from these two monkey brothers of mine, in any case after successfully getting all three in and out of the bath we went downstairs while I tried to navigate the household chores and bag packing etc, the electricity did come on thank fully just as hubby walked through the door and eventually I managed to rush out the door at 6:45 with supper on the table (thanks mom) and everything in order… well for the most part.

So after navigating around no parking and eventually parking about a kilometre away from the school and walking up we then had to sit through an hour of school notices and speeches that ended with the principal doing the ice bucket challenge.

Now I have a big issue with the ice bucket challenge just like I have an issue with the no makeup selfie, I of course support the causes behind the challenges ALS and Breast cancer however I have a huge issue with what people have turned this into making it about themselves and Facebook/ YouTube and not about making a donation or drawing attention to the actual cause because that is what it is about you are supposed to make a donation and raise awareness I don’t think I can count the amount of people on one hand who actually did that.

That aside we then had to go to our children’s classes I went to Gabriel’s and my ex went on to Loghan’s- Gabriel’s teacher is an absolute star she was Loghan’s teacher in grade R and she has the patience of a saint she truly does and she is just wonderful.

After she finished with her whole spiel I asked her how Gabriel is doing- the answer I got was not the one I was hoping for- he is throwing tantrums and not wanting to follow the rules etc. now I knew he would struggle because the crèche that he is come from was very relaxed with very little firm structure which is fine I mean they were still small of course now however he needs to conform to the routine and structure that is the way things go and throwing tantrums will not be tolerated, he is going through some serious middle child syndrome I know it will pass and we just need to work at helping him and giving him the right sort of attention at the right times will not encouraging the negative but hells bells I am tired so tired still we press on a mothers job is to always seek out a solution to never stop encouraging and showing your love even when times are tough.

So I left his class very much in a downer but was determined to get better news from Loghan’s side and thankfully he has been doing really well and we are so incredibly proud of the progress he has made- to think at one stage we were told he would never survive a main stream school and here he is he has proved everyone who said that wrong he is doing so well and he has really come into his own academically as well as with his peers and teachers- I have seen how difficult it can be for an adhd child to navigate through these daily tasks and again I could not be more proud of how far he has come and I’m sure from here it can only get better every day.

I am proud of Gabriel to of course I am but I know his potential is way more than this- I know what an amazing and special child he is and I know if we work at it he will reach his potential or beyond!
One thing they do not lie about when the talk about parenthood is that it is not an easy journey there will be many days of happiness and so much love but also tons of trials and bumps in the road, we are privileged and blessed to be sent on this journey, being a parent is not a right it is a privilege and one I am ever so grateful to have been given in this life. 

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