Sunday, 11 January 2015

Jesse Update

So Jesse went in for his operation on Friday morning- we were so nervous and scared for it but at the end of it all it all went really smoothly- he didn't fight the anesthetic at all; he did however wake up extremely confused and unhappy we could hear his cries all the way down the hall and I almost had a panic attack trying to get to him.

It was at this time I was very thankful that I still breastfeed because once on the boob he calmed down and fell asleep, after that he was ok, he ate a few spoons of yoghurt and ice cream (no coke or niknaks thank goodness) and shortly after that the doctor came in to say that all went super well and she was happy for us to go home which we very quickly did- I cannot stand hospitals and always prefer to get my kids home as quick as possible.

On the way we had to stop for milk and bread and Jess wanted some flings (grabbed them off the shelf) so we got them for him and he ate the whole packet, we took this as a good sign and off we went home.

He was ok for the rest of the day very mom and daddy vas and he didn't really want to eat to much but we didn't push it, Friday night however he was up the entire night- hubby and I took it in turns so we could both get in an hour or 2 sleep- Saturday he was a bit miserable but it was ok and he ate well, Saturday night was terrible again and then yesterday morning he woke up with a 38.9 degree temp- we couldn't get him to take his meds and he kept pushing the cool cloth away so we gave him a suppository (thank goodness we had one baby one left) and called the ward they told us if it didn't come down to give voltaren drops and if that didn't work he would need to be re-admited.... thankfully the voltaren did the trick- he was however extremely miserable for the rest of the day and last night was not much better.

We are holding thumbs that by the end of the week we should be able to start seeing a difference in his sleeping and breathing but we are just taking it one step at a time- I would not suggest this surgery for a baby at all unless their problem is severe it really has not been a pleasant situation for us or Jesse and he is in quite  a bit of pain which is terrible to see, he goes through spurts where we cannot console him and his cries are just heartbreaking- even with the meds he is still uncomfortable and he was very cross with us when he woke up, we are really hoping that this was worth it and that it will make a difference soon.

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