Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Getting Older

I realized something as I was in front of the mirror cleaning my make up off that I have never really bothered with my skin I have never had a solid skin routine or at least nothing I have followed for more than a month or two I just have never been bothered or been inclined to until now.

Now all of a sudden I want to take my make up every night- cleanse my face, moisturise, Ive even put more effort into my hair and make up which latey I just couldnt be bother to do and it was while I was busy last night that my reason for this sudden flurry of action struck me.

Holy daisies I am getting older, now give me a chance because yes I know I am still 27 and young in the scheme of things but I think I have reached and age or am nearing an age where looking older is no longer a complement when you start to wish you could turn back the cloick and erase the smoking and drinking that has clearly had an affect on not only your body but your skin as well.


I miss smoking and I still enjoy my wine and Jack n lime however its not like it used to be, thank goodness or this would be the least of my issues.

I have reached a stage when I would like to look young and keep it that way- I look at my mom and I have always thought that she looks wonderful for her age to the point where we were often mistaken for siblings in my teens- she has never smoked and detests alcohol apart from the odd cider or champagne so that has obviously made a difference she also hosts an aray of creams and and other beauty items in order to keep her skin moisturised and such and so it is with that I realised that its time to make a change, I don't believe I would ever make use of plastic surgery unless its for a good reason like I am disfigured or I would need it to live so botox and anything else in that line is out for me, I have friends who have had plastic surgery, especially boob jobs and they look great however the ladies I know who have undergone botox.... eh not so much it just doesn't look natural.

I dont have a fear of getting older in a way I am quite looking forward to it however I would like to go into an older age gracefully with as much youthfullness as possible.

So heres to taking care of myself more my skin and my health!

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