Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Focus on your relationship challenge.

Being a mom as well as a wife can sometimes be a little crazy especially with more than one child, trying to ensure that your children have all the attention they need as well as your partner can sometimes seem impossible.

The divorce rate world wide is at the highest it has ever been and quite frankly I am not surprised, life is so complicated these days and woman are no longer forced or preferred to stay at home and focus solely on their kids now woman work in high powered industries and in higher level positions whereas before this didn't happen, couple this with having to still focus just as much energy or trying to as before on your children and you can be left exhausted, I think even if you have a husband that helps woman still tend to take on the more dominant role when it comes to their children and overseeing their daily activities.

We get up get our selves ready, get the kids ready, make breakfast and lunches pack bags and clean the home, work a full day come home to make dinner etc and the next day you start all over again with very little time in the day for focusing on your partner or yourself and I think that's where we lose ourselves that when we turn around and we don't recognise the person in the mirror because we don't have that time- we don't recognise the love in our partner and we fall out of love, we don't communicate and eventually everything comes crumbling down.

I was thinking about this night, last night was the first and will be the only night this week I was home for the evening, no parent meetings or classes I came home got everything done got the kids into bed and then I looked over at my hubby and thought wow I love you but I couldn't remember when last I had actually told you so to his face, when last we had held each other or even had a moment alone together on the couch just to talk, I always make a point to ask him how his day has been but I realised that that is pointless if you don't take the time to actually listen to your partner and discuss each others day instead of just a nod and quick aha in acknowledgement that they said something.

So I have set myself a challenge and I hope to keep it going and that is to make sure to set aside time every night with my husband whether its having a glass of wine and discussing our day or just watching a movie alone together on the couch, I love him, I want to spend this time with him and I want to make sure that he never doubts that, days are hectic and time is so little but I love him and that means making sure we keep that flame burning, I don't want to wake up one day and be unhappy because I truly feel that that could only happen if we ourselves neglect each other, I want to wake up one day and old lady in my rocking chair with my hubby beside me and think as I do today how did I get so lucky.

I encourage all the ladies who are feeling a bit out of sorts with their partners or who feel like you are living past each other to do the same, even if it includes trying out something new in the bedroom, getting a babysitter and booking into a hotel for the evening or a picnic at home under the stars, just a little time to remember why you are together in the first place.

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