Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My top 5 Coveted monthly items

When you're a mom, luxuries become sort of non existent or something that comes around every now and then because there just always seems to be something else that is more important or there just isn't money for it so I have made a list of my top 5 guilty pleasures if you want to call them that, this is my must haves when we have a bit of money to spend:


I just love their make up they are both affordable and the only make up range I have found to date where not one of their products gives me a reaction, now I know people get a bit iffy about Avon because Peta says they test on animals- according to Avon they don't so you need to make that decision.

I particularly love their grey glimmer-stick, I prefer it to the black as it is not so harsh and then their super extreme mascara, I do tend to wait for the specials and then buy and both these items last me for 3 months so they are well worth it on special the glimmer sticks can cost R24.99 and the mascara R59.00, I also love their foundations I'm currently using the magix cover which gives a really light cover and finish I don't like anything that clogs my pores or makes me feel like I'm wearing make up.

2) Nutella

I recently discovered Nutella and was OMG where have you been all my life, this is my once a month sinfull treat... I eat it strait out of the jar.

3) Radox Body wash

I don't like bars of soap and this lasts me a whole month and is only R24 so well worth it and it smells amazing

4) A good Shampoo

I went through a stage of using only the cheapest shampoos and my hair just looked terrible so now I make sure that I always have a decent shampoo, I was using Sunsilk but I found that it created a bad silicone build up on my hair as does Pantene and dove so now I use Enliven which is an inexpensive UK brand made from pure fruit, its smells amazing and like I said it is inexpensive so a win win, I alternate between the scents but the kiwi and raspberry are my favorites.


This is recent but is something that I will definitely be coveting if we ever have a bit of spare, my favorite items at the moment include the d'fluff shaving cream and the aqua marina facial cleanser.

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