Thursday, 11 December 2014

That question

so for the umpteenth time this week I was just asked the question all breast feeding moms like to shun away the whole- so when do you plan on stopping question.

I hate this question I really do and the truth is I don't know when I will be stopping I have never made it this far in a feeding journey and it is my last time I will have the opportunity.

Originally I said 3 months then 6 then 12 and now well I did plan for 18 months but to be honest Jess is just so happy and I love that I can comfort him- it is our bonding time and the only time when we have each other all to ourselves I don't know maybe its silly or selfish but I love feeding time despite all the bumps along the way- the biting the pinching, the low milk supply and then over supply, this has just been such an incredible journey and we are just not ready.

So the answer is that we will take it one step at a time and when we are ready we will stop, I do plan on stopping by 2 years of age how close to that I will come only time will tell.

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