Monday, 8 December 2014

Supporting your children- Fun walk 2014

Growing up my mom was always the type of mom who refused to take part in any sort of raffle for my school, she did not attend sports days or school events, she didn't bake for bake sales or anything like that, I was thinking about this whilst at the fun walk that took place at my sons school this weekend... the walk started at 8 am by the way and on our way out Gabriel fell and took off the top tip of his toe...sigh

Back to my train of thought...

My mom always said that she hated it when other parents sent around raffles so she would never do it and that she was to busy working to bake and couldn't attend events, she was a hard working mom and not made for that side of motherhood which I completely understand from all the years of being my mom-she  never forced us to attend school events either by the time I hit high school I chose not to attend sports day or cultural events, and I never attended anything religious either, personally I will never force my children to attend those events either, sports cultural or religious that is their choice, not all children are sport or culturally inclined and I remember how shitty I felt at any sports events in particular, as for religious events I was not Christian so i feel it would have been hypocritical of me to attend as well as I had my own beliefs so shouldn't be forced to.

Now I don't particularly like school events as you can surmise from above, I don't enjoy baking for bake sales until 1am after work or sending raffles around at work for the 10th time in the year, but I do it because I want to show my kids some support.

I honestly don't blame my mom for not doing any of those things but as a child and from a child's point of view it would have been nice to have known that my mom supported me at those events even if I wasnt any good at sports things or well anything for that matter.

In any case we had a nice time on Saturday it was hot as hell, but the walk was relaxed and the market after was really lovely.

Hubby and the boys ready to go

Waiting not so patiently in the heat

Gabriel got himself a mini gingerbread house from the market after which was YUMMY (yes I stole a piece its a moms privilege), and they both bought wristbands in support of the rhinos, this was in support of 2 baby rhinos in particular whose parents were killed by poachers, very very sad, I am glad my boys chose to spend some of their money for a good cause.

Faith, Hope, Love

Looks good doesn't it?

Also with the heat we got some yummy flavored ice which I was a bit weary of as the syrup is obviously sugar packed but I decided it was a treat and they were ok afterwards- they tasted so good, although I do think Gabriel's tasted like Panado syrup, but the mango ones were amazing!

Mango YUM

Supposed to be strawberry

I think it is very important to support your children in school events and encourage them after all if you don't put in the effort how can you expect them too, i understand moms have to work in today's age and there have been events I have unfortunately not been able to attend because of work but in those time I always provide baked goods or something of the sort and I always make sure to tell my boys that I am sorry I cannot attend and why.

The boys also got themselves a voucher for attending the walk and so we all went for a nice lunch on Sunday at Spur.

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