Friday, 14 November 2014

Thankful for my parents

This morning, hubby and I were discussing a colleague of his who has started dating a woman my age, he is in his 40's which is not an issue, he was telling me how this guy and his friends were talking about eighties bands and music and this girl did not know what they were talking about, it made me think about my dad and how grateful I am to have grown up in a household where the radio and record player played everyday where I was exposed to every band from every genre and was brought up with a love of music and a knowledge thereof that has helped me bridge many of an age gap and meet so many people.

Stemming from this I decided to do a post on my parents.

Sitting here at the ripe age of 27, bwhahahaha..... anyway, sitting here I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for my parents.

Growing up I know I was a tyrant of note, I gave my parents many years of rebellion and hell well my teenage and later years anyway, I was a terrible daughter and person to live with, I was so ungrateful and hurtful, I really am ashamed of those years and what they had to put up with.

My mom although we have only started to get along since I started having kids is just such an inspiration to me, she had to run a household from a very young age without her mother, she is beautiful, graceful and has instilled in me a sense of purpose, achievement and independence I am ever so grateful for.

It took me so many years to learn to appreciate my mom and all that she has done, having my own children I realized everything she did no matter how much I hated her for it was unselfish and for my own good, through all the tantrums, selfishness and stubbornness from my side, I am grateful, I know that many of my traits stem from her; we are both as stubborn as hell and have fiery tempers both not very good points when trying to communicate, but the good definitely out weighs the bad and I am every so grateful for everyday I have with her as my mother in this life.

My dad is also just the most amazing man,my childhood is filled with happy memories of my dad, summer days by the pool or watching him build his bikes up from nothing, the radio in the background, he is so kind and gentle hearted but fiercely protective and firm in his beliefs he has taught me to always look out for your family, to be kind to others as you never know when you may be in need of a helping hand.

We may not always see eye to eye but my parents are amazing I cannot begin to list everything they have done for me especially in my adult life, I am so very thankful and grateful.

Love you both

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