Thursday, 27 November 2014

Don't sweat the small things

Last night my hubby and I were lucky enough to get out and go for dinner.

We normally would not be able to afford it but last week I received a call from the creche to say that the teachers wanted to gift hubby and I with these vouchers because they know we never get to go out by ourselves etc, I was speechless and in tears I actually had to leave the switchboard I could not believe how lucky were were to be thought of like that.

The vouchers were for the Caviar group so we decided that we would go to Belugas in Sea Point.

It was an amazing evening, the food was great, and it was just so nice to sit back and relax with my husband....

What I enjoyed most of all was being able to just talk to my husband and boy did we talk- we talked about when we first met, what attracted us to one another, the ups and downs over the years and what we loved most about eachother, it seems like such a small thing but having a family leaves so little time for you to just focus on yourself and your partner, we get so lost and caught up in our day to day lives that we forget that we are people to, we are adults with responsibilities yes but we also need attention and love, we need to talk to eachother spend time with eachother otherwise what do you have left of your relationship but 2 people stuck in a never ending cycle of living past one another instead of together.

Life has become so complicated this days and so busy and I think its one of the reasons relationships dont last like they used to.

We need to remember to say I love you and to ask how our partners day was, to cuddle, to touch to have a make out session, to talk everyday and to tell each other what we love about them and why.

So here is my list of 15 things I love about you (my husband):

I love you because you can make me smile no matter how down I am

I love you because you think I'm a gorgeous goddess even though I don't

I love you because you tell me you think I'm beautiful everyday

I love you because you love my children as if they are your own

I love you because you are an amazing father

I love you because you are a hard worker and an awesome role model to our boys

I love you because when times are tough you always look to me for advice and vice versa

I love you because you admit when you need help and that we can talk for hours about everything and nothing.

I love you because you are careful, an introvert and a geek.

I love your smile and your crazy laugh.

I love how you know when or when not to take my nonsense

I love how every time you look at me I see love

I love how every time I look at you you give me reason to love you

I love how your reach for during the night

Lastly I love how every time we kiss it feels like the first time

I am not perfect neither is my husband we fight, we cry we laugh we argue but everyday with him is one I will never regret because I know it is a day filled with the love and admiration of an amazing man, my best friend and my partner for life and hopefully into the next life as well.

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